ALL NEW! The Oracle – November 2020

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Last month I started to create a newsletter and it was quite a large post!

Thanks to Patreon Member Rheis for her suggestion of creating a newsletter to help avoid missing posts. Here it is!

So I had a great idea, why not create an official GMD Online Magazine!

Each month I will include The Oracle in the Monthly Rewards Pack to be downloaded for free. This will become available to the public also. The Magazine will have all your links to rewards and of course the Rewards Web Portal on the GMD Online Website.

So as well as your Web portals, your PDF will be able to be used to access your Tier Rewards as well as put all the month’s news in one place. News that is strictly for Patreons will be put in place with a link to the appropriate post. 

Here it is, feel free to download the PDF:


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