Super Adventure Plug-in: More to Fear (Super-Powered by M&M)

The Feasters-on-Fear can hear your heavy breathing, be still the beating of your heart for it calls to them! The time has come to add a dash of horror to your games for the 3rd edition of the world’s most popular OGL superhero RPG

What is a Plug-In?

This product is a part of a supplement line to support expanded adventures for the 3rd edition of the world’s most popular OGL superhero RPG. Each Super-Powered Adventure Plug-In is a third-party supplement designed to fit directly into the themes and narrative of an existing super heroic adventure, allowing you – the Game Master – to extend the story to dizzying new heights. Each Plug-In is designed in a manner that uses the existing rules you are familiar with, bringing forward a creative new look at an existing scenario. 

Though each Super-Powered Adventure Plug-In all shares a theme with a specific escapade, they are designed to be easily incorporated into your home game regardless of what scenarios or style campaign you may be running. Each continues a rich narrative background and series of thematically evocative rules to help the Game Master craft fantastic adventures and dire challenges for their players.

This product is priced at $1.99


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