The Bachelorcette

All’s fair in love and war. And this may be a little bit of both. 

Gather your strength, your wits, and all the romantic one-liners you kept in your middle-school diary…for Hanneas Brown, the daughter of the Lord of Brown Town and heiress to the Brown mansion and fortune, is this year’s most eligible lady. Players can choose to compete against each other and several NPCs for Hanneas’s affection in a series of five challenges that will test everything from their strength and dexterity to their performance and deception skills. 

Should they abstain from directly participating and/or get eliminated early, never fear: they still have a chance at affecting the outcome (and stand to profit) from the sidelines.

Deceit. Intrigue. Bribery. Sabotage. Love? 

This is sure to be the most dramatic season of the Bachelorcette yet.

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