Houses and Heraldry II

Adventurers spend a lot of their time delving tombs, hunting monsters, and righting wrongs. In a vacuum these are good things, but campaigns don’t often exist in a void. Those tombs, monsters, and wrongs are located somewhere, and most somewheres are under the control of someone. 

Disbanding a cult of devil worshippers may grant your PCs acclaim from House Levitzi or House Nabiki, but it’s sure to draw the unwanted hostility of Earl Daran Griffacier.  The PCs acts could make them excellent agents for House Drekyn, but if they meddle too much, they might become a target. Even campaigns that rarely stray from the dungeon need their downtime to take place somewhere, and the material herein can give that location more heft and depth.

How Do I Use This Book?

This book sketches out ten noble houses for your campaigns. Each house is laid out on one page; the top half contains the house name, its motto, a representation of their heraldic device as it would appear on a shield, and an information block detailing important personages, numbers of troops, and vassal houses. The lower portion provides enough detail about the interesting characters of the house to get the GM’s imagination going, but leaves plenty of room for a GM to add their own details.

The simple layout of the pages makes them easy to print with enough room for a GM to write notes in the margins. 

We’ve also included five stat blocks for your nobles, guardsmen and hosue staff, ranging from Challenge 1/8-12.

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