40×30 Battlemap – Sirens Cove High Tide

Sirens Cove High Tide

After traversing the beach side for some time, you come across rock pools where crabs attempt to catch fish that have become trapped by the tides. All around you lies the debris of ships who have come to close to the shore, driven to seek out the beautiful music of the sirens who make this place their home.

One ship has been completely flipped and become wedged in between two rocky ledges, forming an unnatural bridge. Parts of it’s hull have fallen away giving a direct path through the ship and to the other side.

From here an even older ship sits stranded up on a cliff ledge, a wooden angel serving as it’s masthead as well as multiple sandy paths which lead up deep inland.

Adventure Seed

A poor fish spawning season has had dramatic effects on the fishing villages that dot the coast, cutting their expected fish intake by more than half. Due to this loss, fishermen have had to go further, some even sailing closer to the forbidden isles in search of more bountiful catches.

The water surrounding the isles seemed to have a much higher quantity of fish, their density increasing more and more the closer they come to the isles and yet they still continued to fail to bring in the required amount of fish to feed the villagers.

With little choice left more then a dozen men from the village have taken their ships and sailed directly into the heart of the forbidden isles and have subsequently failed to return to the village. You’ve been begged by the village to go to the forbidden isles and investigate what has happened to the men, to hopefully return them to the village alive and perhaps make the isles safe to fish in or failing that to return with mementos found on their bodies.

What’s going on? A strange ritual has come to pass on the forbidden isles, put into effect by the sirens whom make the isles their home. This ritual is the true reason for the poor fish spawning season, in fact the spawning season has gone just as well as any year, the only difference this year is a large amount of fish living within 100 miles of the forbidden isles have been drawn to the heart of the isles.

This ritual had two goals, to bring in more food for the sirens and their children in the form of fish. But more importantly, to ultimately bring in their favorite food, the flesh of man.

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