State of the Dragon #121

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PATREON: Things continue here as scheduled. Check in for stream drafts and the like!

STREAMING: We had streams this past week. Writing streams on both Monday and Friday, and the drafts for that are up. Our Monday stream is still on, so join us for another system-agnostic adventure writing. Friday is Christmas, so we won’t be having a stream then. But we will be having a stream this Saturday instead. It’s going to be a collab with Francita ( and I’m super excited about it! Please tune in for that.

DISCORD: As always, we’re on Discord, hanging out and having fun. Join in if you haven’t already!

PILLARS OF THE STORM: This was published last week, and is now available on and DrivethruRPG. Here are links if you need them!

FALSE CROWNS: With the last adventure clean up and published, we’re on to the next. I’ve yet to work on this yet, and I’m not sure if I’ll get it done this week, or if it’ll be put off for a bit. But this one is on the chopping block and should be out soon.

OTHER PROJECTS: I know there was some mention of fiction and working on the blog, but that hasn’t happened this past week, and I’d consider it low priority for this week. We’ll see how things shape out thereafter. I’ve got a some commissions and the like to chip away at, but nothing too all-consuming. Last week dusted off one of the projects I shelved a while back. It’ll definitely need some effort to clear the cobwebs out, but something is drawing me back to it, and I’m excited to work on it, so I’ll ride that momentum. I’m still continuing work on some of the other projects I’ve been plugging away at, but my attention is kind of split between several things right now and I really need to shift focus and hone in on one or two. I’ll try to make a clear decision on those soon.

PERSONAL LIFE AND GAMING: This past weekend I had a game of iHunt, and it was tons of fun! It’ll come out on the RPGhour podcast in the near future, so keep your eyes open for that. On a personal note, we’re in the thick of the holidays, so I’ll be dealing with that. This will of course be taking up some of my time, so expect progress to be a little light right now. I’m dealing with some other stuff at the moment as well, but nothing too pressing.

That about wraps things up for now. We’ll be back with more next week. Thanks for reading!


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