DC-PoA "A Dragon Heart"

This is a 4 hours adventure totally Adventure League Season 10 Legal for Tiers 1 (APL 3) made from the Adventure seed “Once Bitten, Ice Shy”.

Three kobolds are dreaming since childhood to become a real dragonborn. They heard about a powerful entity that can make dreams true, in exchange of a rare crystal found in a donjon. One of the three kobold went there, but never came back. Please find him back, and discover why this crystal is so important.

A scary / funny adventure, with tough fight that can be avoid with good negociation, danger in every corner, corgi that turn into fat man and crabs with knife acting mean.

Contains the map of the dungeon and the tavern, and the complete adventure with all handouts. Easy to read, fun to play !

This product is priced at $5.95


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