Musical Subclasses: Horncaller Fighter

“The horn, the horn, the lusty horn

Is not a thing to laugh to scorn.”

– William Shakespeare

The Horncaller is a martial archetype for fighters that want to take control of the battlefield with the power of their lungs. Grab a warhorn and blast out powerful notes and patterns to communicate over great distances, give orders, rally allies, conjure walls of sound, and unleash a soundwave of ethereal warriors. If you’ve been practicing your cyclical breathing and love being loud and bossy, this is a must!

Included in this product is:

  1. The Horncaller fighter martial archetype
  2. Four new magic items: horned crown, dragoncaller horn, forlorn horn, and the seven horns of conjuration
  3. A roleplaying reason to yell TOOT TOOT BRRRRRR

This product is priced at $1.98


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