Drow Hard: Three Levels of Sheer Adventure! | New Fifth Edition Adventure for 5th-Level

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No time to plug this into a VTT yourself? No worries! We’ve got you covered, fam. You can get the full adventure ready to go on Roll20, now!


Get the Player-Ready Maps from Tom Cartos

This is a collaboration with our pal Tom Cartos. You can get all the VTT-ready maps for FREE on his Patreon account. Note that you will need to be a patron to get the versions with the secrets hidden. Those are the maps to use for the player’s version of the maps. Otherwise, everything else is there or in the attached file.


Featuring Art by Dean Spencer

One of my favorite artists in the game and one that we use frequently, Dean Spencer, created the artwork used for both the main image as well as many of the tokens used in the Roll20 version of the game. He’s got a killer patreon with tons of art that you should check out right now!



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