DC-PoA-HARM01 First Time for Everything

Amidst Auril’s eternal darkness and growing unrest in the Ten Towns, adventurers delve into the frozen earth in pursuit of small-time thieves. But what started as a simple retrieval mission quickly escalates, as unexpected magic thwarts their pursuit. As shadows of the past coalesce and present threats leap into the looming future, adventurers fight against the ravages of time itself to catch yesterday’s culprits and thwart tomorrow’s villains.

A Four-Hour adventure for Tier 1 Characters (Levels 1-4). Optimized for APL 3.

Included is a full-color PDF, printer-friendly PDF, gridded DM area map, and player-facing area map (gridless- appropriate for online play). 

Adventure through time with the Kobolds in Time Trilogy! Experience the font of youth, the ravages of age, infinite loops and finite bounds as you explore the magical mines of the Chilly Scrapers Kobold Tribe. Parts 2 and 3 COMING SOON to DMsGuild!

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