Derelict Bioship (46×46)

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This bioship deckplan is inspired by the biomechanical ships of the Engineers in the Alien universe. I wanted to make a map that has the feel of H.R. Giger’s amazing art with strange biological shapes and an uncanny feel. I admit that I surprised myself channeling my inner H.R. Giger so well that I need to rework some parts of the ship a couple of times to keep it “safe for work” XD. 

While mimicking the familiar style of the biomechanical structures and shapes, I wanted to keep the ship functional, but also explorable. I added rooms and chambers with something that could be stasis pods, weapon systems, a cockpit, cargo hold, and maybe even a chapel. Ultimately, I wanted to leave it to you what this weird ship contains and what is its true purpose. 

Adventure Seeds

1) An alien signal is intercepted and the derelict ship floating in space can be tracked as its source. The alien ship has been a bio-weapons transport of some sort, but a terrible accident ages ago caused the crew to become infected by the weapon they were transporting. Something has been hibernating in the shape for centuries, if not thousands of years and it is waking up…

2) A long-distance salvage and emergency crew encounters a derelict ship orbiting a distant gas giant. The ship is transmitting a signal belonging to a ship that was lost after a hyperjump years ago. It seems that the ship was found, but the visuals do not look anything like the schematics on records. What has happened to the ship… 

3) A mining crew found an asteroid with a dense concentration of metals in its core and starts boring through its crust. Instead of ore deposits, the crew finds something else. Oddly, the ship’s reactor malfunctions and short-circuits. The repairs are likely to take days and the closest company vessel is two weeks away.  While thinking about the solution to this problem, someone remembers the company’s “special salvage” policy regarding xenobiological findings and recovered xeno-artifacts. “Why not use the time to investigate the findings “, someone says. 

Ambience Tracks

This map was done in collaboration with Michael Ghelfi who composed four different ambient tracks for this map to create an eerie atmosphere for your games while exploring this alien derelict craft. 

Please be sure to check Michael’s Patreon and Youtube channel for more absolutely awesome ambiance. 

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