First Season in the Marchlands – Adventure Compilation Compatible with Swords and Wizardy

An adventure compilation set in the Marchlands- a clannic, pastoral region beset by monstrosities, corruption, and banditry.  

Includes the following:

Marchlands Setting Primer: A primer for the communities, culture, laws, and woes of the Marchlands

Old Lost Fort: An adventure to help an all but extinct community reclaim a lost fort from bandits, and other misadventures that ensue after, including a rat problem, a feisty band of goblins, and a minotaur at the gates.

Cattle Raid on the Marches: Raiding is a way of life, and an opportunity is given to participate in a legally sanctioned raid for cattle and riches.  

A Gnawing Problem: Monstrous rodents plague the fields, and mist be found and culled if the winter is to be survived.

Dragon’s Dilemma: Farmers do not care for lost cattle, and a hungry dragon means many a lost cow.  It must be stopped- but how, and at what cost?   

This entire product is available in the preview.  Please use that without remorse if you are unable or unwilling to purchase the product.  

This product is priced at $5.95


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