A Dark Fey Prison! 25×24

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Prison of Petals is about a horrible prison built by humans. The current ruler of the Brukesian Duchy isn’t proud of what his great-grandfather did. The now-abandoned prison used to keep Dewborn war prisoners. The court wizard back then would take advantage of the Dewborn imprisonment to do arcane experiments.

The fey who had the misfortune to end up in the Prison of Petals were slowly drained from their life force. Being immortal beings, this was a painful and demanding process that drove some of them insane. This is why humans stopped using it. Some say there are still Dewborn trapped in there, but even the bravest mercenaries shiver when they hear the grim stories of the flower-scented prison.

This is the twelfth detailed hex in our Brukesian Duchy hexcrawl project. The maps and overall information are vanilla enough that people can repurpose them for other settings and adventures. This is a 25×24 squares dungeon!

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Also Important Announcement!

D&D’s new book, Candlekeep Mysteries was announced yesterday and I (Derek) wrote an adventure for the anthology. It is the first time I freelance for Wizards of the Coast and it was an amazing thing to be able to have my written work published by them.


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