Vampire the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Scenario: Postbellum Summer of 1996

Tragedy has struck the Raleigh Camarilla. The recently formed Tennessee Sabbat, led by a figure known only as “White Coat”, launched a suprise invasion with the help of ALL the previously independent clans. Desperate and out of options, Prince Ace orders a retreat into the Anarch territory of Georgia. He drives the unsuspecting Anarchs out of their home, an abandoned mall, creating enemies on all sides.

Great favor has fallen into the hands of the Sabbat. In a great blow against the Camarilla, Raleigh has been overtaken and a precious antediluvian artifact, the Lunas Circumspector, has been identified in Georgia. However, the Anarch control over the area is much too strong to simply overrun them as White Coat has called the Sabbat to do in the past. To achieve the great aims of the Sabbat, careful manipulation to make the Anarchs and Camarilla tear each other apart might make the coming war even more fun…

To be an Anarch in Georgia in 1996 is to have a death wish. Prince Allister and his Camarilla buddies have kicked you from the only place you’ve ever been really welcomed and the Sabbat is soon going to be coming after him and for you soon after. Whether you are a biker, union rep., or good ‘ol soldier, it seems like everyone wants you dead or otherwise out of the way. You’ve heard some rumors that the old telescope has been turning some heads though…

These tensions will reach a breaking point by an eclipse marking the summer’s end. You can enjoy the simple moments of life before then. Who knows what will be made of Kindred on the night of the eclipse itself. 

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