100 Things to Find, See and Hear in a Forest (Lore 100)

Characters may at some point be travelling through wooded areas, whether these be the comparatively tame woods of civilisation or the more dangerous wildwood of the uninhabited regions. Rather than simply glossing over these travels, this list provides 100 different encounters that can be used to make travel more interesting.

Some of the encounters have the potential to injure characters or animals whilst others may appear dangerous or more than they seem to be, yet not pose any hazard unless the GameMaster decides otherwise. So that the encounters are suitable, replace references to flora and fauna with ones appropriate to the region being travelled if needed.

The encounters are suitable for any system or setting, from ancient to futuristic, all that is needed is for characters to be travelling through woods. They can be used to simply add descriptions to an area being travelled, or might be used as potential adventure hooks.

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Here are some sample results:

  • Pit Trap – A pit trap has been dug into the ground here. The edges are crumbling, and the trap itself has been triggered and is empty. There may still be some sharpened wooden stakes in the bottom. (If a character approaches the edge of the pit it crumbles. An Average Athletics roll is needed by any character to avoid falling into the pit and suffering Ones +1 damage. A successful Acrobatics roll halves the damage. There are spikes in the bottom of the pit and those who fall in must make an additional Average Acrobatics roll or suffer an additional Ones damage. The spikes are filthy and any character injured by them must make an Average Endurance Resist roll or gain Condition: Diseased, PHQ.)
  • Poison Oak – Several nearby trees are wrapped in vines. The leaves of the vines slightly resemble those of an oak (unless it’s winter, in which case they will have fallen to the ground). Any character who brushes against the vines with bare skin is highly likely to suffer an allergic reaction causing an itchy skin rash. (An Average Survival roll will identify the poison oak. If a creature touches them, they must make an Average Endurance Resist Roll or suffer 1d2 damage.)
  • Puddles – Several large puddles of water dot the ground here, presumably rain that has settled. The puddles are currently host to many tiny insects and insect larvae.
  • Rabbit – A rabbit runs across the track ahead, quickly followed by a fox, which briefly stops and stares at the players before continuing with its pursuit.
  • Rain – The branches of the trees overhead drip water as rain falls onto their upper reaches.

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