Adventure Area 1 Beneath the Old Cairn

About This Download:
This is a free download, but if you liked you can toss us a coin or two. Beyond The Black Sea, is our Sword and Sorcery Game, and its becoming popular with players. 

What you get?
This is a Beyond the Black Sea adventure location designed for moderately powered characters. You can use this adventure area anywhere you like.

The Old Cairn could be located anywhere in your campaign. The cairn is a mound with a set of ancient Pictish standing stones, coloured red and black. The Picts of the local area have forgotten who was buried in the mound and who erected the stones. No writing of any kind is on the surface. The stonework is old Pictish in nature with very simple splits to the stone with no polish or carving.

This adventure area can be used as a springboard for a horror campaign set on the alien world of Carcosa or could lead to some place in Stygia, the Nameless City or anywhere of your choosing.

Notes and News:
Thank you for playing Beyond the Black Sea and Darkstars Universe Games. 

This year, 2021 we are releasing a short series of Beyond the Black Sea Adventure Areas for free on DrivethruRPG. 

We hope these can add some extra quick to run locations to your game, which you can then use to spring board different Sagas for your group.

Beneith the Old Cairn can be run at the end of the Next two which will be released or as a stand alone area. 

This is a horror adventure area, it deals with the darker side of sword and Sorcery, and has a nice suprise about halfway through forshadowing Aldebaran book.

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