100 Space Civilization Occupations

In the deeps of space, there are hundreds of occupations that need to be filled for a functional (or dysfunctional) society. Whether your heroes live at a star port or sprawling shanty town of atmosphere shacks, the fact remains that people will always have occupations that fulfill the needs of their society.

This system-agnostic list can be applied to any community that has fully embraced space and interplanetary travel (like those found in game systems such as Star Wars, Space Opera, Traveller, Star Trek, Red Dwarf, etc.). This tool focuses on variety, and lets the Game Master define all the details of the occupation to best fit the location and the system they are using. If the person has a secondary occupation, gig, or side hustle, then we recommend that you roll a second time. If you need to add hobbies for the character, look for the upcoming product: 100 Hobbies for Deep Spacers.

This Roll Percentile list has one hundred possible results in this format:

Roll result: An occupation found within a space opera.

Example 201: Custodian

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