Elves of Lejentia Mythos Pack

Explore a world of Elves in this Catalyst Adventure Pack made for any role-playing system. 
Just like the Citybooks and Grimtooth’s Traps, this description of the City of Elveron gives you an Elven city you can explore and run adventures in. Over 100 places are identified in the city along with details and maps on three specific locations. This 52 page Pack also includes 8 character descriptions and 17 secnario suggestions along with a 15 page color graphic novel/comic that takes place and uses characters directly from the adventure. There is also details on the opposing army and the ranks of both sides of this smoldering conflict.  

There is also a full color map of the world, descriptions of its kindreds and the political sitiation in Lejentia.  There is lots of intrigue, spies and danger around every corner as everyone vies for power over the elven lands and beyond…

PLUS – We have also added information on how you can run Lejentia characters in any version of Tunnels & Trolls – how to roll them up, what modifiers to use and what special abilities these new kindreds have. Download a copy today and discover a whole new world – the World of Lejentia!

This product is priced at $4.95


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