FEAR the DARK – HeroQuest fanzine – issue 3


The Chaos emissaries are surely working to assemble an undead army, and the Free Cities Council fears that their land will be Chaos’ first target, unprotected as it is if compared to the mighty Empire. And from there, as they’ve always done, the Chaos forces will then move against the Empire, the Land of the Law, killing countless in their perpetual war between Chaos and Order.

You already gathered precious information for the Council and proved to be able to face the terrible menace of the undead, so now they’re asking you to crawl even deeper down in the dark dungeons where the Chaos sorcerers are at work. Break their spells, to stop them from raising an army of undead!

The situation is only made worse by the appearance of the Mad King in form of ghost. Centuries ago the Mad King, while still human, did not fear to use the darkest of magic, to inflict unbearable pain to his subjects, to conjure with the forces of Chaos. He was seeking eternal life, and the Chaos Lords must have given him some satisfaction, if he’s now sided with them. If he will manage to raise his own ancient army as undead, and obtain a fraction of his lost power, he would become a terrible enemy for the Free Cities…

FEAR the Dark is a fanzine dedicated to HeroQuest – the popular fantasy board game of the 90s which introduced so many of us to dungeon crawling and miniatures.

This is going to be a complete reboot of the game’s background and story. It will remain faithful to the original material but it aims to bring a different feeling to it, so that there will be no overlapping with the stories of Mentor, Morcar and Zargon. Moreover, the ‘zine will contain new quests which can be played by any group of players. Old players will find new maps and new missions, and new players will be allowed to start from zero.
Everything presented in this fanzine is written to be played starting with issue number one, and will slowly expand beyond the original box and miniatures. It will also attempt to provide a modular system; it keeps the traditional rules and will progressively add little, indipendent pieces to them. You will be able to use all those rules, or just some of them.

Issue number 3 – January 2021:

– A short introduction

– A usable summary of the traditional rules, with changes

– Three new quests to fight against the emissaries of Chaos

– A final fourth quest against the Mad King

– Simple new rules for fear of the undead, double doors, and Initiative

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