Modular Sewers Pack

Sewers feature in so many modules, adventures and campaigns. Rather than spend hours building a sprawling sewer system, or compromising and using a pre-made map that doesn’t quite fit, why not build one in minutes? That’s that you can do with this pack. Included, you recieve 53 tiles, both with and without grid, which can all slot together to create amazing dungeons in no time at all.

Not only can you use these tiles by themselves, but you can also use them in conjunction with my other map pack – caves, to build bigger, and more varied dungeons! Included in this pack, you will find 5 different connectors between the two packs, as well a a whole number of unique tiles for sewer themed adventures.

The tiles are mostly left un-furnished, so that you can use your own imagination to flesh them out with treasure, monsters, and more. The only decoration you will find in these are pipes, a few bridges, drains, and some ladders (got to let people climb out if they fall in, right?).

As with all of my Modular Map Packs, these tiles are completely free of charge, though you are always welcome to drop a donation (pay-what-you-want) if you want to help support me in creating more resources for DM’s world over!

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