A campaign setting for the BEAM SABER game. Requires the Beam Saber ruleset to play.

Created using the Beam Saber SUPPLY DROP license.

SOLAR DIVIDE presents a world of adventure and drama for your Beam Saber pilots to experience. Battle across the planets of our solar system as factions fight to inherit humanity’s legacy!

SOLAR DIVIDE includes:

  • 5 major factions, each settled on one of the major planets of the system, and eager to seize the power of the others.
  • 7 pilot heritages to add establishing flavor, including sentient machines, animal-folk, and living shadows.
  • Dozens of squads, each devoted to advancing their faction’s aims… while getting something for themselves on the side.
  • Regions from Mercury to Pluto, and every potential battleground in-between.
  • Guidelines on how technology works in the far future of our world.
  • Mission creation guidelines to help the GM craft missions.
  • Over twenty mech designs to help inspire your pilots and their rivals as they battle in space.

* * *

With high hopes, humanity settled the inner and outer planets, forming new cultures and new nations. Incredible feats of technological engineering allowed humanity to colonize the whole of the system. Enormous space colonies provided homes for legions of industrial workers. Mighty terraforming engines created breathable life and lush landscapes out of desolate rock. Hyperspace gates allowed people to travel between the planets in hours instead of years.

No advance was as significant as the creation of the ARC: the Active Response Control vehicle, the enormous piloted machines that allowed mankind to build societies at a titanic scale, creating whole nations and across the system.

But as humanity settled the solar system, it brought with it its capacity for greed, for war, and for violence. Where humanity formed nations, they drew borders. Where they drew borders, they provoked conflict. Where they provoked conflict, battle flared. Millions have suffered as the interplanetary states of Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune — the five “Orbits” — vie for supremacy. 

You are a team of daring pilots in the midst of an interplanetary war. You pilot ARCs as you undertake missions to elevate your Orbit at the expense of the rest. You will defend your Orbit’s rightful claim to the legacy of mankind.

This is a battle of soldiers and spies. This is a game of bad bets and limited ammo. This is a world of life and death in the blink of an eye. 



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