The Den of Iron Pearl


The Den of Iron Pearl is an one-shot adventure for 2-4 players on levels 1-3.

Estimated play time is 3-4 hours.The adventure can take place in any given fantasy setting.

What’s inside?

  • Music puzzle
  • Small dungeon – perfect for one shot game!
  • Isometric map
  • Printer friendly version

Iron Pearl is a legend to treasure seekers. She discovered many flooded
cities and extracted various treasures from them. Often working on the
order of the world’s most powerful people. She was equally known for her
love for the pearls as well as her toughness. She had an aversion to society,
few people that knew her used to say that she felt more comfortable being in
the water than attending feasts. One day she disappeared without a trace,
what enticed rumors to spread like wildfire. Sitting by the bonfire,
adventurers and bounty hunters of every race and age told stories about
wealth she kept. They speculated that Iron Pearl hid all of her treasures in
several secret vaults, but no one has ever found any of them. This is about
to change.