Cleric and Paladins Guild map pack

Includes jpeg zip file of guild floorplans

floor plans come with grid, without grid, with text and without text.

Maps are 4100x3600pxl 

Private use only

The Guild is a place where clerics and paladins might go to receive training. It has indoor and outdoor combat facilities, and a chamber for physical conditioning. The guild has a library filled with books about tenants and virtue, weapons and armor, spells and magical items. There are also many religious books and books about monsters and creatures.

The third floor has a chapel that the clerics and paladins use to meditate, pray, and unite with their deity. There is a chamber that teaches scroll scribing and another chamber that teaches potion brewing. There is also a smith shop in the basement for learning a skilled trade.

The calefactory is a chamber where people can go to get warm. It serves as a primary source of heating the guild and is often used as a social area. The guild has small living quarters for trainees, and larger living quarters for teachers and masters.

The guild is also a place where members come to socialize or to discuss adventuring opportunities. Upon request, members are allowed to use its crafting chambers to create rare magical items. The armories serve as a safe place to store very rare and legendary items that are not being used.

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