Cogito – RPG Starter Guide

You don’t see them, do you? Angels and Demons, walking among us, living and working like us, eating in the same filthy restaurants and drinking the same chlorinated water. Watching the same stupid reality shows and paying the same abusive taxes. You don’t see them, do you?

Cogito’s scenario is very similar to ours. At least superficially. Behind the backdrop of imposed reality, an eternal battle is waged between ancient combatants looking to expand their influences and powers.

Without Heaven and Hell properly speaking, Angels and Demons are created in “our world”, where they will have to live a semi-normal life, paying bills, finding jobs, putting up with subway lines and, mainly, reconciling their duties with their superiors, Heavenly and Infernal, and their earthly lives.

Armed with their Relics, unique objects of power that grow and develop with their bearers, the fighters of the Great War will do anything to survive another day, expanding their influences, fighting their enemies or simply trying to get on with their lives.

Cogito is a table RPG set in a rich and modern setting, ideal for different types of narratives, from complex and deep to quick PvP games. Lovecraftian investigations or racing against time trying to prevent the end of the world.

Using a system entirely based on 10-sided dice (aka d10), an instinctive creation sheet and an organic character design process guided by the book, readers will be able to design and incorporate highly complex Angels, Fallen Angels and Demons with little gaming experience.

Narrators (also known as game masters) will also find guides and explanations on how to create incredible stories, adventures and investigations in the world of Cogito, using countless inspirations and references from both history and mytholy, as well as modern pop culture.

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