Friends in Striped Clothes and Shiny Armours

A short but sweet collection of 6 wacky Troika! Backgrounds including:

  • Skellington Birdfriend: a former mercenary who woke up from death sorrounded by (mostly) friendly birds and a picture of a person they’ve never met before
  • Hay-Haired Executioner: a hot tempered executioner who had a troublesome first job.
  • Mingo Monarch: the ruler of an accursed kingdom trying to save their subjects from the spell of the Mirror People.
  • Oscillatory Cosmonaut: a poor lightspeed traveller who was warped by the cosmos and is now capable of transcending space and time.
  • Unwilling Cacodemon: an heir to royalty who had their dream of nobility flustered by a magical helmet.
  • Abyss Crawler: a brooding explorer of the Void, extremely able to put up a fight, but kinda bad with people.

Massive thanks to Nicolas Folliot, who offered to proofread this document in a super disadvantageous exchange for him. I’m truly grateful, my friend!!

You can find Nicolas on Twitter and see for yourself his amazing work on his Website.

“Friends in Striped Clothes and Shiny Armor” is an independent production by Torthevic and is not affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council

Troika! compatibility logo by Sam Mameli

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