1400 MAGE

1400 Mage is lo-fi hi-fantasy. Mages wield their arcane talents to push the bounds of adventure, exploring lost sky-keeps, slaying ancient titans, and saving kingdoms from aberrant armies. Whatever the source of their gift, mages fight an internal war to control the magic in their dominion, lest it take control of them.

1400 Mage is a stand-alone high-magic table-top RPG. The rules are short and easy to learn and the whole game can fit on a single sheet of paper.  It can be played using just the rules provided, or combined with other entries in the 1400 series (1400 Quest, 1400 Below, and 1400 Sneak) to expand the world and provide more character and game options .

The main rules and character creation fit on one page (available in the free ‘demo’ version). The full game has two more pages which contain character options, gear, potions, and fifty spells, as well as tables to help the DM create and run fun magical adventures.

1400 Mage is based on the 2400 microgames/toolkit by Jason Tocci, and brings the system of 24XX into a fantasy world of adventure, treasure, and peril.

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