18XX Outlaw

AT THE OLD WEST, YOU CAN’T BE PICKY: law is corrupt when not far between. Most riches are with the rich people and tend to keep going there. So I guess it’s only natural someone brings some balance to it, right? And the Lord is my witness that there sure are many pals available for that.

You are free people doing what you need to survive at this weird heated place. Some authorities call you gunslingers, mercenaries, robbers, killers. Others call you bounty hunters, bodyguards, vigilantes. But that is their opinion. The real question now is: which job are you fancying, next?

OUTLAW is a self-contained lo-fi RPG about outlaws in the weird west picking any job or opportunity they fancy. It’s 3 pages and a cover, fitting on two sides of a letter-sized page.

  • Basic rules for play based on the FREE 24XX SRD
  • Rules for creating outlaws, including  6 former careerr, 4 backgrounds, 20 nicknames, 20 weapon quirks and a crazy table for creating your horse
  • Rules for charms: including 20 amulets that protect you and can even shortly control a source of danger
  • GMing prompts including 20 job oportunities wher you can choose a side (ex: do you guard the train or steal it?),  20 intriguing locations, 20 obstacles, 20 twists and 20 bosses

OUTLAW is the 2nd title of the 18XX series. Every game in that series occur roughly at the sime time period., allowing them to be mixed and still be historically accurate! 

This product is priced at $2.00


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