18XX Victorian

THE QUEEN NEEDS YOUR SERVICES: Ladies and gentlemen, Queen Victoria has summoned you. I deeply apologize for the oddness of this meeting. There are matters that cannot be trifled with which require your wits. The queen cannot be further involved but counts on your success.

You are scientists, regarded as some of the best in each’s own field. Steam was just the beginning. Electricity, fabricated creatures, alchemy… Science blossoms in a diverse fashion,  mostly improving our lives. The price is rarely clear, but problems are opportunities!  Are you fit to the task?

VICTORIAN is a self-contained lo-fi RPG about scientis working special missions for her majesty, the queen. Inspired by Steamboy animated movie, Leviathan book series and more. It’s 3 pages and a cover, fitting on two sides of a letter-sized page.

  • Basic rules for play based on the FREE 24XX SRD
  • Rules for creating scientists, including  5 specialties, 20 concecpts and 4 scientific approaches (steam, electricity, alchemy and bioengineering)
  • Rules for gadgets: very freeform but the scientific approaches alter how you handle them
  • Rules for special advancement: each specialty and approache have an exclusive level up ability…imagine the combos!
  • GMing prompts including 20 missions, 20 complications, 6 bigger plots, 6 masterminds and 6 mastermind’s main forces

VICTORIAN is the 5th title of the 18XX series. Every game in that series occur roughly at the sime time period., allowing them to be mixed and still be historically accurate! 

This product is priced at $2.00


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