Derring-Do 1.1 December 2020

Welcome to the first issue of Derring-Do, the journal of the Adventure Game Society. The proceeds from this publication help offset expenses for the society’s physical space, which has been imperiled by the pandemic. By purchasing Derring-Do, you are helping a community of gamers to hang on to a place they cherish but largely cannot use until people can safely gather together again.

  • Battletech
    Kooter’s ‘Mech Garage by Eric Wiener
    The RFL-3N-II Rifleman, a 3025-era tech retrofit of the 2720 Rifleman upgrade
  • OSR / 5E
    Old School RPG Innovations from the old LGS
    The Roll Under Attribute task resolution mechanic and Luck attribute
  • Call of Cthulhu
    Mr Regardie’s House cartography by Amanda Dorsey
    Detail of an encounter setting from the adventure Hope in Chaosium’s  Monograph #0347
  • Solar Sails 5E
    The Karkadann by Christopher Robin Negelein
    A preview of an NPC people from the upcoming Solar Sails 5E setting
  • Miniatures Games
    The Best Four Minis Games by Erik Szprya
    A review of some great games that deserve a little more attention
  • Treasure!
    Buried in the Dragon’s Lair by Brian Dalrymple
    The Henchling’s Torch, a magic item for 5E
  • Fantasy Town Setting
    Stormy Bay by Brian Dalrymple
    A warm coastal setting for your 5E or other fantasy RPG
  • RPG Mechanics
    Danger Draw by Jim Shepard
    A system to escalate the excitement in your RPG
  • Moar Treasure!
    Buried in the back of the Dragon’s Lair by Brian Dalrymple
    The Master Index, a book for a magical library

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