Derring-Do 1.2 January 2021

The proceeds from this publication help offset expenses for the society’s physical space, which has been imperiled by the pandemic. By purchasing Derring-Do, you are helping a community of gamers to hang on to a place they cherish but largely cannot use until people can safely gather together again.

  • Battletech
    Kooter’s ‘Mech Garage by Eric Wiener
    Monstro, a modified Mule-class dropship
  • Any System
    Running a Mystery by Eric Wiener
    A member asks, “How do I GM a mystery for my party of murder hobos?”

  • Ship for Hire
    The Lurching Lady by Amanda Dorsey, with Brian Dalrymple
    A sailing ship for your adventuring needs, with deck plans, background, and crew
  • Solar Sails
    Solar Sails Primer by Christopher Robin Negelein
    A preview of the upcoming Solar Sails setting
  • RPG Mechanics
    5E Alternative Vehicle Rules by Jake Vitrofsky
    An embellishment to the rules provided in Descent Into Avernus
  • Making Miniatures Terrain
    Mountains from Molehills by Erik Szpyra
    An overview of terrain-making, covering 3-D printing, paper, and molds
  • Treasure!
    Buried in the Dragon’s Lair by Brian Dalrymple
    The cellar chest, a magic item for any system
  • Encounter
    The Apothecary Tower in Winter by Scott Coventry
    A detailed lair for your fantasy RPG
    Bonus: All the Maps also for your Virtual Tabletop!

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