Gregorius21778: Necromancer´s Almanac of Animated Cadavers

Are your players veterans of the fight against the undead? Do they know exactly what to expect when they smell the stench of decay from a dark corridor while they hear the shuffling of feet, accompanied by the odd, disgusting moan? Then, it is time to beef up the rotting flesh.

The Necromancer´s Almanac of Animated Cadavers is a re-hash of my Almanac of Animated Cadavers and features 35 variants of risen corpses. While next to all of them still are low-HD monsters (1-3), they come with special abilities that both players and characters might not have expected. These may take them by surprise and have them -think- about how to engage this foe instead of going through a tried-and-true routine again. Also included is a small list of rules for those Referees who wish to make this unusual undead available for spellcasting characters.

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Please note:  this is not the work of a native speaker. Please have a look at the preview to decide if my English meets your standards. Thank you!

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