Marrow & Splinters 1

Marrow & Splinters is the official Disciples of Bone & Shadow zine. Inside, you will find content that was released exclusively via Patreon, for the first time compiled in one release, with proper editing, new art and new layout. Each Marrow & Splinters issue includes new rules, Archetypes, items, spells, locations, and much more!

In this issue, you will find:

– Lifepath Character Generation. Create a new character (PC or NPC) with just a few dice rolls. These characters are perfectly balanced and ready to play immediately, and the system will give you a backstory on the fly!

– Corruption & Taint. The powers of the Primordial Ones are an ever-present threat to the peoples of the Twilight, and their effects can be felt in both subtle and aggressive ways. With these rules, characters may experience the changing effects of corruption, granting them Taints that have both aesthetic and practical consequences. Even further, will you dare to find a Well of Taint and fight the corruption spreading over the world?

– New Archetypes. From more simple yet powerful Archetypes, such as the Hallowed or the Vindicator, to more complex Advanced Archetypes like the Korahost of the Vinnuan Cultist, these new character options will not only expand the gameplay possibilities but also take you to new, dangerous places while trying to gain their power.

– And much more!

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