Morningstar: Circus Of Demise – Solo Story Adventure

Morningstar: The Triumvirate Pacts Core Rulebook is required to play this Adventure Module (available here)

Morningstar: Circus Of Demise is a Solo Story Adventure. The premise for the story, along with the endgame of the antagonists, are included along with a brief description of the setting and circumstances. The descriptions are provided for the purpose of immersion only.

This Expansion also includes a new playable form of Magic – Imbued Aura Magic.

The Long Walk is the chance for a Bidden member of society to earn real freedom. The Priests of Benedira reward strength and relentlessness with wealth and influence, and more importantly the resources needed to survive.

The Story is your own to tell, and your Character is yours to play.


Planet Emateco is home to a primitive Gaian colony who overthrew their Vharcoli overlords thousands of years ago. The Planet’s surface is unforgiving and, due to Vharcoli excavation, there are very few resources available to the populace. When the Planet was evacuated by the Vharcoli all advanced tech was taken away. Food sources are scarce. Large fauna are herded and slaughtered, and food is distributed based on a strict societal hierarchy.

 The Priests of Benedira rule society with a strict doctrine based on the merit of survival. Before a member of Ematecon society may gain the status of Unbidden they must undertake the Long Walk. If a person is not Unbidden, they are Bound and are assigned a role within their Clan. Each Clan requires a Bound workforce, but each individual is offered the oppurtunity to take the Long Walk. If successful, those who become Unbidden are awarded their own homestead, a share of their Clan’s resources, and are granted the right to become the head of their own Clan or in exceptional circumstances, allowed to join the Benedira Priesthood.

 The Long Walk is described as a pilgrimage, but the reality of the Long Walk is far from a solely spiritual journey. The centre of Emateco is called the Basin – an 1800km desolate land of rubble and outcrops, left behind by centuries of Vharcoli strip-mining. To complete the Long Walk, a Strider (participant in the Long Walk) must live for one hundred days within the Basin. Resources are fought over bitterly, and fighting to the death is actively encouraged by the Priests of Benedira. Those rare individuals who survive the Long Walk without taking a life are known as Restfuls, which is a term that denotes idleness. Restfuls gain their homestead and a share of their Clan’s resources but live separately from their Clan and the rest of society. There is no term for an Unbound who has spilled blood to survive the Long Walk, but substantiated accounts of violent exploits gain the Unbound favour within society.

 You take the role of a Bound Ematecon, valued within your Clan, and offered the chance to take the Long Walk. Unbeknown to anyone planetside, jealous eyes are watching their home from afar. The Priests of Benedira possess unique abilities which are of interest to Galactic powers the Priests do not even know exist. 

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