Nuctemeron 1

Nuctemeron is the official Seekers Beyond the Shroud zine. Inside, you will find content that was released exclusively via Patreon, for the first time compiled in one release, with proper editing, new art and new layout. Each Nuctemeron issue includes new rules, items, spells, locations, and much more!

In this issue, you will find:

– Outdoor Sites. While the core book took adepts to dangerous Sites, full of mysteries to uncover, there was a key element missing: outdoor locations to explore. With these new Sites, your character will get to visit the larger outside world, places such as cemeteries, forests, dark streets, and city parks. These rules include instructions on how to explore these new Sites, as well as plenty of new Encounters, Events, and Discoveries.

– Crystal Magic. A new way to empower your adept, if you can pay the price.

– The Newcomen Library. Where do all those grimoires and treaties you find during your Missions end up? What hidden knowledge can you find within the walls of this ancient library?

– Personal Tutelage. Is your character progressing too slow? Maybe you can find someone to train and study with…

– And much more!

This product is priced at $5.00


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