Sound of the Silent: Outpost of Despair

The Silent Legion is assaulted from all sides. Rival Death Lords seek to subsume those who perish at despair’s hand for their own. Enfants – horrified that their worldly decisions are worthless – seek a second death. A danger beyond the Hierarchy desirously eyes the Oblivion-tainted Legion and beckons their Restless with a siren’s song of entropy. To outsiders, it seems those reaped for the least powerful Death Lord garner attention far beyond their station.

Few Legions exercise vigilance quite like the Silent. Gathering in the low places of the world is a congregation of those who sought Oblivion from the Skinlands, only to be cheated of the consequences of their decisions. Shunned by Stygian Restless for the miasma of melancholy exuded by their souls, they instead turn to each other. This title explores the paradoxes inherent to afterlife in the Legion, and presents a Silent-staffed Hierarchy outpost constantly on the brink of destruction.

Sound of the Silent includes:

  • A complete Outpost of the Silent Legion that acts as a gathering place for those with the marks of
  • despair.
  • Fully-realised NPCs of the Restless, able to be added to your chronicle.
  • The Antagonists who want to bring down the Outpost from within, and the threat their presence poses.
  • Story ideas to integrate this title with your chronicle.

Look for the next in this series ‘Caged Screams’ (a setting for the Grim Legion) to be released in 2021, with a title for each Legion in development.

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