The Gamblers’ Court

Somehwere deep within the ominous woods, a foolish wanderer has lost their way. Stranded and alone, they feel as though each step takes them farther away from safety. Unbeknownst to them, they have entered a strange game...


The Gamblers’ Court is a competitive roleplaying game with an unusual dynamic. One of the players portrays The Wanderer, a lonesome fool that has become lost in the woods. The Wanderer has unwittingly attracted the attention of otherworldly Gamblers—rumoured to be trickster spirits and wretched fae—played by the rest of the group. Weaving a narrative that becomes reality to the Wanderer, the Gamblers compete against one another by challenging the Wanderer’s wits through a series of Riddles, risking wagers and acquiring more and more gold as the session advances.

If the Wanderer solves a number of Riddles, they succesfully escape the grasp of the Court. If they fail in equal measure, they become lost, forever swallowed by the shadows of the woods.


The rules are presented in a booklet of 25 pages, which contains rules and guidelines for playing the various roles of the game, a few pages of variant rules, and two play aids: a Character Sheet for the Wanderer, and a Betting Sheet for the Gamblers.

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