Treasures of the Blood Volume II: Sins of the Second Generation

Caine was warned not to pass on the Curse. In defiance of Uriel, he begat the Second Generation – Enoch, Irad, and Zillah, through whom the Clans claim their lineage and power. They compounded their Sire’s sin, Embracing the Third Generation who – jealous of power denied – rose up and consumed the heart’s blood of their Sires.

The knowledge of that time is preserved only in The Book of Nod, and legends of the kindred.

Treasures of the Blood: Volume 2 includes:

  • Five relics based on the legends of the Second, and Third Generations that delve deep into Cainite lore;
  • Fragments of their history, and rumors of their powers;
  • Information about the active bounties placed by the Clans to incentivise the retrieval of any relics; and
  • Enough leeway for Storytellers to add to each relic and personalize the stories for local chronicles.

Perhaps such power was meant to die with the Second and Third Generation, or slumber outside the grasp of their short-sighted childer, but in the World of Darkness™, secrets cannot be kept nor doom averted.

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