Waterdeep: Trollball

Waterdeep’s famed Field of Triumph is home to many contests of skill and daring, perhaps none more exciting than trollball, the most popular sport in the City of Splendors!

Inside this supplement for the world’s greatest roleplaying game are all the rules and lore you’ll need to incorporate the sport of trollball into your Waterdhavian adventure or campaign!

Complete with:

  • Two linked adventures ideal for newer players and usable with, or as lead-ins to, Waterdeep: Dragon Heist;
  • Three new creatures, including the Hooligan;
  • Three classic creatures updated for 5e, including the Aurumvorax;
  • Over forty NPCs to populate your Waterdeep adventures;
  • Ten maps, including a full trollball pitch and, for the first time, Ward-specific neighborhoods to further flesh out the City of Splendors;
  • New trollball-themed magic items;
  • Amazing art including tunics for all 24 professionl trollball teams and all eight League and Cup trophies;
  • Eight new backgrounds, including a Bookmaker (Bookie) and a Waterdhavian Griffon Rider;
  • 30 trollball encounters that can be used with any Waterdeep campaign;
  • 18 issues of the Waterdeep Sporting Almanack, with alll your trollball and other Waterdhavian sporting news;
  • Easy rules to incorporate sign language into your adventures and character creation;
  • Coats of Arms for each of Waterdeep’s Wards, including Field Ward and Undercliff;
  • And new rules for players and Dungeon Masters that allow you to use trollball for everything from general Waterdhavian atmosphere to an immersive game-within-a-game!

Happy Owlbear Games and Waterdeep: Trollball invite you to grab some friends, pick up a trollball, and jump into the Splendid Game, boots first!

Grab Waterdeep: Trollball now, at a special introductory price!

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