City Maps 03

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Welcome back to the last set of maps for this month’s update! This set is all interiors with a two-floored guild hall to start things out with. The lower floor has everything you need to start a quest chain: a bar for rumors, a quest board for members, and an office out back to loot for clues. 

Here’s our original sketches for it too:

On the second floor here is where the VVIPs gather, as well as their commemorative collection. Plenty to look at, and fight amidst!

We’re particularly pleased with the weather variants for these, it’s got a gothic sheen to it, yes?

The last one in this set is a Brewery. This one is meant to chain with the Apothecary from our earlier set, hence the odd shape! Later (when we have a few more shops under our belt) we plan to chain them in a longer map for a row of interconnecting shop lots. This one has got a worker’s dorm out back, and a brewery in the middle:

A festive night version:

How they appeared in the sketch:

And that’s all for this set, we hope you’ll have fancy adventures on these!


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