DC-PoA-NBDD-01 Ice, Ice, Birdie

Alright, stop! Collaborate and listen: Roc Capella’s back in a brand new adventure. Specifically, a new Dungeoncraft for D&D Adventurers League, from the writer and artist team behind “Clever” and “Where Can She Be?”

In Bryn Shander, the city prepares for a day of celebration and festivities, as a well-known couple are finally tying the knot. Adventurers are needed to help ensure all goes well, especially with the appearance of a well-known troupe of kenku bards.

Can you protect the troupe, save the wedding, and help the happy couple survive the cruel, cold world that is Icewind Dale under Auril’s eternal winter?

A 4-hour adventure for tier 2, optimized for APL 8, using the “Winter Over” Adventure Seed.

What will you get in “Ice, Ice, Birdie?”


Meet Sen and Lana, a young couple finding love in the middle of Icewind Dale and the Frostmaiden’s curse. They’ve already gone through the “will they, won’t they,” so now it’s time to make sure they actually can.

(Is the romance too heteronormative for your tastes? You have my express, written permission to change their genders and sexuality around as you see fit. Love is love, after all.)

A Musical Adventure

Roc Capella makes their return after a debut in the award-winning “Where Can She Be?” bringing with them new members of their crew and a lot more backstory.

Join the all-kenku troupe as they explore Icewind Dale and help them with the many obstacles that confront them. DMs and players alike will be singing their way through “Ice, Ice, Birdie.”

Not a good singer? That’s okay! We also include a handy Spotify playlist filled with songs used to inspire this adventure, which brings us to…

So Many Song References

We stopped counting after 50, but suffice to say, there’s a lot. From character names to section headers to entire lyric-themed puzzles, there’s enough music in this adventure to keep your table singing until the final roll of the night.

Please note that these are references to actual songs, so players will have to suspend their disbelief a little bit. Is it really such a stretch to imagine that bards in the Forgotten Realms composed their own versions of “Get Back” or “Crazy Little Thing Called Love?” Maybe, but we’re going with it anyways.

Also Included:

  • A handout of lyrics for Maurice’s speech
  • Full-sized maps, complete with grids, ready for uploading to Roll20

Are you ready to come to the land of the ice and snow? Download “Ice, Ice, Birdie” and see why it’s cooler than cool. 

This product is priced at $3.99


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