Enchiridion Alchimia

Everything that exists has an essence: a set of instructions from the Akashic Records within the aether on how to look, behave and function. Alchemists can draw these essences out of an object, purify and isolate them, and then imbue them into an alchemical concoction to create powerful arcane affects on the material plane. With enough study, forethought and imagination, any alchemist can have the power of the gods.

I have travelled through countless worlds and realms to learn the secrets of essentialism, how it can be manipulated by man, and how to shape this into the craft of alchemy. I have collated the sum total of my knowledge within this Enchiridion, to guide future students of the craft. There is always more to learn, however, and thus the prudent alchemist must continue his studies and experiments until he has uncovered all the essences of those objects and items around him. Only then will he truly be at home within the art of alchemy.

This handbook will thus serve as a primer, to guide novitiates into understanding the nature of essences, and how these can be extracted to form Alkahests and reagents; and how these two components come together to form an alchemical concoction. With this Enchiridion anything truly is possible for those with a keen eye and an imaginative mind

Inside the Enchiridion, you will find:

  • Rules to guide you in aquiring and preparing reagents, Alkahest, alchemical concoctions and alchemic culinary dishes
  • Descriptions of one hundred reagents and Alkahests, what their essences are, and how to use them in alchemical concoctions
  • Discussions on how to create the perfect alchemical concoction and what to consider
  • An examination on the influence that astrology has on alchemy, and how to use it to your advantage
  • One hundred unique concoctions and alchemic culinary recipes from across all the worlds beyond the aether
  • Instructions on how to create a homunculus, a chimaera and the Philosopher’s Stone
  • An easy index to find every reagent, concoction and recipe in the Enchiridion

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