State of the Dragon #127

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PATREON: Mark your calendars, we have a Patron live chat coming up on the 13th! Apart from that, stream drafts should be back late this week or early next week, so enjoy those. If not, I’ll try to set aside some time to put up something special for you all here. I know last week we talked about Patreon alternatives in the wake of more recent changes, and I’ve actually scouted out an alternative or two that I plan to look into further. As always, this won’t be going anywhere, so don’t worry. If we do start up with another platform, I’ll make sure this is kept up to date too, and I’ll keep you posted on how that search shakes out in coming weeks.

STREAMING: Debut today! We’re back with streaming, showing off our new model and trying something a bit different. By the time you’re reading this, we might’ve already done that, and if so, hopefully it went well! We’ll certainly be doing more streaming so please do come by, and follow the channel if you haven’t already!

DISCORD: As always, this is the hot place to hang out. Please do come on in and join us there, I genuinely do like the community we’ve built.

FALSE CROWNS: Done up and published! You can find this in the usual places, on and Drivethru, or just dig back through the stream drafts here and find the earlier version if you’re a patron.

RISE OF THE ROBOTS: This is the next system-agnostic adventure in the lineup, and boy is it different! This one is a completely different genre, so I want to do something special for it. I plan to give a little more time to this one to ensure it has some extra polish, and I’ve got a few ideas of how I’m going to go about it. Failing that though, it might just get our normal treatment. Hang tight, folks, it’ll come along one way or another.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Oh hey, we talked about this last week. Twitter is great and all, and it’s where I plan to be regardless, but another social media platform would be cool too. Might do a little necromancy on my Instagram or TikTok accounts, or maybe we’ll see what else kicks up. Not sure yet, but we’ll be exploring this in the near future!

BLOG: As promised! We’re off hiatus proper and are now in the maintenance stage. I sunk a lot of work into this the past week, pruning old posts that are no longer relevant and archiving some that may be fit to be put up elsewhere. I’ll be real with you though, this is slow going. The site is slow and unresponsive, partly due to the sheer clog of content, and partly due to some poor optimization and hosting issues. I aim to fix these to the best of my ability in the coming weeks. This may take just a few weeks, but could be as much as a few months out before the process finishes. After that time, expect posting to return in some form. It may or may not be on a schedule, and I don’t have a hard plan set just yet. I’ll let you know more once we get closer to it!

OTHER PROJECTS: We had a big pitch get accepted and I’m super excited about that! I’ve also got a commission or two ongoing, and have thrown my hat into the ring for a few other projects as well. Of course, personal creations are still ongoing too. I’ve put in a good bit of work on those, and hope to maintain a steady pace.

PERSONAL LIFE AND GAMING: Personally, thing have been a mixed bag. I’m not sleeping well at all recently, and I’m pretty strung out. But I’m doing fine for the moment, and I’m throwing myself into all of the awesome projects I have in front of me, so there’s always something to be grateful for at the very least. I’ll try to share more details in the future if that’s something you all want to hear about, but for now I think I’d rather leave things at that.

And that’s where we’ll wrap this up. Thank you all for reading. I’m glad you’re all still here and being a part of this, and I look forward to all of the awesome things we’re going to get to share together. I’ll have more for you soon!


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