Colorful Characters – PDF Preview


Hey GMs…

  • Ever needed a quick NPC with some personality to them in a pinch?
  • Want adaptable NPCs that you can fit into pretty much any situation? 
  • Have trouble coming up with names on the fly?
  • Need a quick adventure hook to fill some space in a session?

Hey players…

  • Ever have trouble coming up with a clear visual for your character?
  • Need some help thinking of a quirk or trait to give your character a unique quality?
  • Want the next NPC you invite to tag along to have a stronger identity?
  • Need a quick idea for a one-shot character?

Colorful Characters has you covered! These characters come with quirks, traits, secrets, and more to make them easy to drop into any fantasy campaign. They have simple D&D (or adjacent system) stats and alignments, but the stats are simple enough to give an idea of how to use the characters in any system.

The physical cards will look like this:


The cards are then formatted for digital use and look like this (this is what you receive in this release):


In this preview release, you will receive:

  • Cards PDF: 12 Character cards, with large art on the front and character descriptions on the back.
  • Figures: 512x512px transparent background PNGs of each character
  • Tokens: 512x512px transparent background bordered tokens of each character (4 colors: red, blue, green, gray)

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