February Update & King Tier

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The first bit of news is what I’m most excited about. A couple of days ago we reached the King Tier goal. There’s usually a drop in pledges at the start of each month, so I wanted to wait with sharing the news a bit, but it seems like we have still unlocked the goal. That means that the King Tier (€10) is now available. I’m super excited about this and I hope you are too!

The King rewards include:

  • Access to all lower tier rewards, plus;
  • You get to request a single A4/US Letter size map!

To have your map made you must be a patron at this reward tier for at least 30 days. After 30 days, contact me through the Patreon messaging system and I will add your request to the list. You must remain a patron until I start working on your map, otherwise your request will be removed from the queue. When finished, the map will be posted on Patreon like my usual maps, including variations if applicable. The map will be released under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license. Keep in mind that this is not always a quick way to get your map made. If you have a hard deadline, contact me at info@danielsmaps.com

Mountain Pass 

High in the Domart mountains, home of the dwarven kings, the ridges are decorated with winding trails. Some are well maintained and safe while others should be travelled with great care, or even better: avoided.

Along these trails, scattered across the Domart mountains are shrines, small structures dedicated to the Gods of the Mountains. These shrines are old as the dwarves themselves, yet most seem to be in perfect condition. They are the perfect place to commune with the great spirits that dwell in the mountains.

However, reaching then is a dangerous task. The mountains are dangerous. You are constantly surrounded by steep cliffs and at the danger of falling – or having something fall on you. The well maintained areas are relatively safe to travel, but the less maintained are little more than narrow paths or steps carved out of the steep cliffs.

Mountaintop Waterfall 

The mountain spirits are known to offer all sorts of powers, which is why many people travel all this way. High up in the Domart Mountains you’ll find numerous trails and paths. Sometimes with an indication of where they lead, both most of the time they don’t.

There are countless streams that run down from the mountains, and this region in particular is known for its spectacular waterfalls. They are both beautiful to behold and terribly dangerous. Crossing the rivers is a difficult task and even the most well travelled adventurer may just slip and fall, being carried away by the river’s current and dropped down to their untimely demise.

Mountain Shrine 

Many of the shrines in the Domart Mountains are a place to worship all the gods and spirits of the mountains. This shrine is an exception: it is dedicated to Dunatis, the God of Mountains and Peaks.

To the south of the city of Mul’Domar, close to the fires of Mount Halfor, is the highest peak of the Domart Mountain. To reach this shrine of Dunatis is a long and dangerous trek, and only the once worthy on communicating directly to Dunatis may reach here.

The shrine itself sits on a narrow bit of rock that sticks out from the mountain and looks out over the nearby peaks and depths below. On a clear day you can see the Valley of Baerrak to the north-east and to the south the Kingdom of Elmara.

The Kingdom of Elmara 

Welcome to the Kingdom of Elmara, the bridge between the civilized north and unexplored south. The north is well in touch with its neighbouring kingdoms, but the south is much closer to the jungles, which contain many dangers.

Elmara is located along the eastern shore of Wordal and ruled by King Alfonte and his wife Aluanda. Alfonte has recently inherited the throne after a suspicous accident caused the death of his cousin, who in turn inherited the kingdom under questionable circumstances. Alfonte’s wife pulls a lot of strings in the shadows to make sure Alfonte will live long and prosper, but she may well have an agenda of her own.

The north of Elmara consists of large grassy plains, decorated with small towns and villages, and is protected by the Domart Mountains to the north. In its center The Para’s divide Elmara in an eastern and western part. Beyond these mountains is a vast savanna with a variety of unique wildlife.

Travelling even further south will bring you to the Araboatora Jungles, a seemingly endless tropical forest, filled with all sorts of dangers, from wild animals to mysterious folk and proper monsters. No kingdom has successfully conquered these forests. Elmara has tried a number of times, but without success.

The second month of the Mountain theme has just started and we’ve already seen the first map for it, the Rope Bridge. The next maps that I’ll be working on with be a village map and some more battlemaps, this time exploring the Kingdom of Elmara, rather than Domari. Keep your eyes out for that!

And that’s it for this update. As always, stay safe and happy gaming!



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