Fine Familiars: Ratufa (Giant Squirrel)

A ratufa is cat-sized tree squirrel common to tropical and sub-tropical forests. They are long-tailed and have distinctive, polychromatic fur, the patterns of which can range from black and white motley to multitone rainbow schemes, depending on subspecies and region of origin.

Forest Dwellers. Ratufa inhabit the upper canopies of their home forests, where they mostly feed on seeds, fruit and other vegetation. They are excellent climbers and can make jumps of impressive distance for their size.

With the DM’s permission, a character who casts the find familiar spell can choose to conjure a ratufa instead of the options listed in the Players Handbook.

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Fine Familiars is a new series by Thieves’ Cant Games expanding spellcaster options when casting the find familiar spell.

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