Starfall – WildCards All-new Campaign!

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We have one space left to join in the Starfall Sci-Fi campaign. 

Using CORE RPG & Fantasy Grounds 2.

If you want to take part feel free to contact me!


  • Location: Online Via Discord & Fantasy Grounds 2
  • Time: Starts 8pm +0GMT UK Time, Ends 10:30 pm +0 GMT UK Time
  • Date: Next session Thursday 11th Feb 2021(Every other week, thereafter)
  • System: CORE RPG
  • Requirements: None, GM Draeus will teach you all the rules and how to use Fantasy Grounds Interface. All you need to do is roleplay. No experience required!

Starfall is a Sci-Fi Campaign Setting for the CORE RPG. Although the Campaign Setting concentrates mainly on the Polarian Alliance, the Wild Cards Campaign follows the Rebellion within the Saurian Confederacy.

The Saurians (Lizardlike race) control their space with an iron fist. But the colonies have had enough and have started to break away to create the Free-Worlds, but the Saurians have not taken this break away from their rule kindly… 

Taking on the role of a Rebel strike force of pilots who specialise in black-op missions when required. You will be assisting the Colonial Rebellion in their attempt to find peace and freedom from the Saurian Confederacy.

Starfall: Wild Cards is a military campaign and there will be a lot of combat, which could result in the death of characters. But since the CORE RPG has a roleplaying rewards mechanic built-in, the roleplaying will be deep and relevant to the scenes being played out. 

There will be plenty of opportunity for mission planning, NPC & Character interaction, building bonds with other rebel personnel. Missions will have problems to solve, objectives to overcome and enemies to face!

Join the rebellion today and help the FREE-Worlds in their pursuit of peace!


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