The Black Circle Interludes Release!

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Couple of bits of news… First, our latest Aliens & Asteroids product is out in the wild. The Black Circle Interludes!

Yes, most of you are probably aware that all of the Interludes are out there already in earlier PDF form. But we’ve really expanded them greatly and given them a great new look!

This new 95 page book includes:

  • Expanded versions of The Take, The Target, and The Trap —  adventures you can drop into your Aliens & Asteroids campaign to spice things up!
  • Details about the Dominion Defense Service, a brand new profession for PCs!
  • More than a dozen new toys and tools for battle and espionage!
  • And details about The Black Circle criminal organization and how you can incorporate them into your games!

Unfortunately we had a bit of a hitch with the print version, which we were waiting on. We’ve submitted fixed PDFs and will look for new proof. Should be good to go in a few weeks. ($10 patrons will get an at-cost code when we get that all sorted!)

In the meantime, $5 and $10 patrons should get a download code in their messages, but you can find it here and pick up a copy today!

Big thanks goes out to Jonathan Hicks for creating this fun series of adventures!



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