The Dark

On June 6th at 10:06 am it happened. The sky turned absolute black and the lights all go
out. Cell phones no longer work, flashlights no longer work, not a thing electronic works.
Unless there was a candle, fire, or some other natural light source around, everything went
pitch black. At this moment a third of the population suddenly and violently lost their
minds. People immediately began screaming and attacking the nearest person. If no one
was to be found, they attacked themselves by clawing our their own eyes or slashing open
their own stomachs to die from self inflicted wounds. Unless someone else insane finished
them first. Maybe it was the trauma from this insanity or maybe it was the Dark itself, but
you also went a bit insane at that moment. You might have been at school, work, or just
waking up from a night out. Whatever the circumstance you were in this is what you were
suddenly faced with. This is reality now. You manage to survive the first few hours. It didn’t
take long for the totally insane ones to kill vast amounts of people then eventually
themselves. They don’t seem to pose so much of a problem anymore. A bigger problem
looms now. Something you sense. As if the Dark itself wishes you to suffer and die. There is
definitely something very evil in the Dark.

The Dark is a horror survival RPG set in present day in which something very bad has happened. The world is now engulfed in complete darkness. No sunlight, no moonlight, no stars shining anywhere. Electricity no longer functions. Fire being virtually the only source of light, penetrates the darkness just meer feet. While struggling to secure sources of food and water, the players will also have to deal with the many monsters that now prowl the world. Welcome to The Dark.

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