Dwarven Outpost – Kir Badur WiP

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The Dwarven outpost of Kir Badur lies on the fringes of the borderlands. Its small but fearsome garrison has held back many sieges to this formidable fortress.

I would like to present the blockout work for this month’s release. There’s still plenty to iron out so we hope to have an update for you later this week.

I’m currently working on some details and what I would like to include in this month’s set. There will be the centerpiece of the fort itself, as well as a separate “side entrance”, and a dwarven statue or two. For those that would like to delve into the depths of the outpost, I do plan to work on some dungeon tiles that you can use to build up the Great Hall. 

I’m still waiting on the concept art for the Dwarves themselves, but hopefully, they will come sometime this weekend!

Also, I have FINALLY uploaded the remodelled Mountain Keep to DTRPG (If you were a patron last July you should hopefully receive a notification to let you know that the file has been updated in your library) and I have also uploaded it to Myminifactory (the discount code in the Download’s page will be active for this model). 




Stay safe and happy printing, everyone!



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