OPEN POST: February Release – Cyber Fist Tournament!

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We would like to invite you to check out our Kickstarter Campaign – GRIDWARS: Age of Cyberpunk but first, check out all the Patreon content we have prepared for you in February! This month we are featuring the miniatures of various martial arts fighters along with the complete Nitro Arena terrain!

In a couple of days, we will post an update with the complete Cyber Fist Tournament rules for you to download, along with the technique cards, all character cards, and tokens. You will be able to play out your own competition using the miniatures from the release and determine the Cyber Fist Master of your alternate universe!

If you are already a Patron, you will find the download links in the Patron-Only Post.

All models in the release are 100% pre-supported to give you the best 3D printing experience and allow you to get right into action!

GRIDWARS: Age of Cyberpunk

Before we get to the full overview of February content, we have to tell you about our newest Kickstarter campaign for sci-fiction and cyberpunk enthusiasts!

See all the GRIDWARS content directly in the campaign!

The campaign was immediately funded and we are currently trying to unlock more stretch goals with freebies for everyone! Get the complete 3d-printable game along with a ton of truly cyberpunk miniatures and terrain. Battle with friends!

Use futuristic weapons, hack your way through the grid, or assemble combat support and change the tide of battle. There are many ways to win the GRIDWARS. Each miniature comes with a dedicated unit card. Every time you will face a different RPG scenario. Choose your faction and build your own unbeatable squad!

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February Release Content List

Inside you will find:    

Cyber Fist Contenders:
– Kazuya Hameha – most honorable fighter
– Xerocat – assassin that steals other fighters’ techniques
– Ambrosius Suzuki – an ambitious Yakuza sumo bodyguard
– Deformator – masked menace with a hook
– Besouro Verde (+alternative leg version) – capoeira grandmaster
– Master Yagi Yenman – martial arts trainer with a temper
– Young Yagi / Yagi’s Adept – martial arts adept
– Fernando Grande – luchador, title holder
– Secret Contender – see info at the end of update!  

Nitro Arena:
– Mr. Expert – number one fan!
– Ring Bot (+ alternative versions) – cyber hostesses
– The Trophy – grand prize
– Nitro Arena – full arena model  

Space Vikings
– Alternative Weapons
– Alternative Heads
– Dropship  

– Martial Base Set – (20+ elements)

Past Releases on MMF

Get more minis! All miniatures that were released in the past are not gone! They are available in our MyMiniFactory store. Visit the site and check them out. And if there is something that you missed and want to print, you can get it with the exclusive 50% Patreon discount!  Join today!

The Secret Contender

The Secret Contender will be joining in a couple of days! This miniature will be brought to you in cooperation with our friends from Papsikels Miniatures Patreon! Look out for another update featuring the collab!

Thank you for supporting the sci-fi made with passion! Join us on Discord or Facebook!

Happy Printing! CF Team


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